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Alternative Views #126,127: BOYS FOR SALE (PARTS I&II)

Published 1981


The tragic and shocking abuse of boy prostitutes is discussed by Dr. Tom
Philpott and former Editor of _The Daily Texan_, Mark McKinnon, who has
written articles on the subject. Philpott has found that these children are
frequently physically abused, even tortured and killed. Many of the men who
participate in this "practice" are among some of the most respected people
at the top levels of the U.S. corporate and governmental structures. We
discuss prominent cases of sexual abuse of boys and possible connections
between child prostitution and the murder of black children in Atlanta. The
program is enhanced by the use of segments of two 1979 documentaries _Boys
for Sale_, produced for Channel 11 in Houston and Channel 13 in Atlanta.

Run time: 59:14
Recorded October, 1981
News 1984
Copyright December, 1983 ???


Because this tragic, national scandal has largely been ignored by the mass
media, our concluding segment focuses on the press coverage and on the
handling of the situation by the law enforcement and judicial systems. The
program looks closely at the boys themselves: their backrounds, how they got
into "the life," why they stay in it and how they feel about themselves. We
also reveal the extent of the threats and violence toward the people who
have been active in exposing the situation and bringing it to the attention
of the public.

Run time: 58:18
Recorded October, 1981
Copyright October, 1981

* Note:
* The Alternative Information Network
* address in the video is no longer in use.

Run time 1:58:00
Producer Frank Morrow
Production Company Alternative Information Network
Audio/Visual sound, color
Language English


Co-hosts: Frank Morrow and Doug Kellner
Researcher: Mike Jankowski
Technical adviser: Brian Koenigsdorf


Reviewer: MinouRonRon - - May 8, 2013
Subject: The Best Documentary about child prostitution
This is an outstanding documentary film about the exploitation and prostitution of boys, in the US. It should be seen by everyone who loves our country and our way of life, in order to see how the elite wish to destroy everything good about our country, mostly our children, because they are innocent. This is a well documented film. It is not some silly rumor or story. I praise God for Tom Philpott, and wish that he were still alive. I would also like to thank the men who were in this film, from the Alternative News Network, for keeping it real, and speaking truth to power. Their rewards will be many. To Mark McKinnon, I am so saddened that you did not keep up the good fight. You will pass from this earth a very rich man. But this one documentary, that you probably made nothing on, was your crowning glory, and I only wish that you would have stayed on the right path. There is no telling how much corruption you could have uncovered.
Reviewer: Bill MacDonald - - December 3, 2012
Subject: This is why the real problems never get addressed!
My god these guys went off and basically amde a "Blair Which Project". They did zero fact checking and have no credibility. Taking the value of the problem away from where it should focus.

Please do your own fact checking. The Centers for Missing and Exploited youth list the number of Kidnapped / Endangered Runaway / and other missing at around 30 per year accross teh country and Houston youth Homicesd / unexplained deaths is well below that for the period they are referring.

But The Franklin Coverup seems to be real... Problem is it is very hard to track down as there are only bits and pieces of media coverage saved or archived. This does lead into other stories though. For instance the Goesh kidnapping makes several references to similar incidents and The boys mother has interesting claims. There was a young man who came forward and said he too was kidnapped and forced to help in the Goesh kidnapping. He made references to a ranch in the Colorado Springs area that was investigated though abandoned it had accomodations like a bunk house that could have held several children at one time. There were several pictures of the Goesh boy in different Clothing and pj's tied up and one with several other boys. A depuity in FL claimes it was taken before th Goesh kidnapping though he could not recollect who the boys were. I found this odd that he would not have kept records or tried to ID the boys. One boy had come forward but there is little on that boy as the family chose not to follow up the third boy is unknown. Jacob Wetterling was also implicated as a victim to this same group. Though there was little to follow on that either. In searching there were so many dead ends it made it impossible to verify but the references do lead you to speculate.

There was also periodic mention of a tatoo or brand on several of the boys involved, of an "X" with a cresent, quarter circle or a "Rocker" under it. though in reserching the Brand I can not find any information on it's particular meaning, or where it would represent.

I wanted to contact the Professor who talked about the hundreds of thousands of boys he encountered but I found that he was dead. I would love to talk to some of the other gentlemen on the pannel, to try to piece more of this together. I do find it sad that the reporting was so outragious that it ruined any credability these guys had and this story had but it needs to be retold. Accurately and really investigated to it's full extent.
Reviewer: remember the lost - - November 8, 2012
Subject: Boys for sale
Good God what the devil is going on that this is kept secret, watch it and show it to everyone who gives a damn!!